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Secure the future of PLAN

The Pan London Airways Network (PLAN) is a free educational platform for clinicians working in the field of respiratory medicine across London. The aim of the network is to share innovative and best practice, to drive the quality improvement of respiratory care across London and ensure members have access to up to date information in this time of austerity. If you have been to one of our meetings you'll know how vital access to high quality education and networking is, and how inspiring and energising it is to meet up with dedicated, passionate colleagues during these difficult times for the NHS.

Currently the network is run by a committee of volunteers who give up significant amounts of time (often early in the morning, late at night or during annual leave) to organise meetings. They do so willingly as they believe in the cause. It is exciting to see that PLAN has grown rapidly as an organisation and that we continue to increase our membership. To ensure the sustainability of the network, we want to protect PLAN as a non-profit organisation. This will give us flexibility of funding and allow us to apply for grants and other means of support. However, to do so we need to register it as a company limited by guarantee.

We need to raise just £1000 to register as a company and get non-profit organisation status. If we reach our target we can ensure that PLAN continues to support its members as a free educational network, and we can continue to deliver high quality educational meetings at no cost to our members.

If every member of PLAN donated £5 we would easily reach our goal, so please click to donate the price of 2 coffees!

Hope to see you at the November meeting!

Laura Graham, vice-chair, on behalf of the PLAN committee

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